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The majority of my work, like life, is textured.  Some are blatantly 3D and electrified, while others are subtle and layered. Some works are informed by social and economic issues with  backstories that might be controversial and provoking.  Other works explore emotions and ideas provoked by color, form and texture.


My mediums mostly cycle through acrylic, latex, enamel, and spray paint.  The works are enhanced with pigmented resins, LEDs, films, decoupage, and inks which are built upon on canvas, board, paper, mesh, and fabric structures.  Mediums are flowed, brushed, dripped, spread, flung, heated, cooled, burnt, soldered, and spun until they coalesce in harmonic disharmony. 


Loosely categorized as abstractly representational with enough imagery to help the viewer understand the bigger picture after they recognize the backstory.  






  • April - SCRAP Denton Invitational Art Show at the Re:Vision Gallery



  • November - CORE: Design I & II - group show, University of North Texas Lightwell Gallery, Denton, Texas
  • September - Painting and Drawing Association - group show, University of North Texas Lightwell Gallery, Denton, Texas
  • July - New Texas Talent - group show, Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas, Texas

2003 - 2016

  • September, On My Own Time - group show, NorthPark Center, Dallas, Texas


  • July, Chill - group show, Slant Gallery, Dallas, Texas




Phil Samson is a North Texas resident who creates artwork for his residence, family and friends. For over a decade, his works have been displayed at NorthPark Center in Dallas, Texas during the annual On-My-Own-Time exhibition (noted with [NPC]).


On-My-Own-Time is a program of the Business Council for the Arts, the only North Texas membership organization building corporate investment and opportunities in the arts.


Jorik Blom Photography created some of the wonderful images of my artwork displayed on this website.

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