Phil Samson Studio
Phil Samson Studio

Artist Statement

My work could be categorized as New Realism: abstractly representational and created to provoke a conversation.


The majority of my work, like life, is textured.  Some works are blatantly dimensional, while others are subtle and layered.  Many works are informed by social and economic issues.  Other works explore emotions and ideas provoked by color, form and texture.


My mediums mostly cycle through steel, wood, acrylic, latex, enamel, found objects, and sprayed paint.  The works are enhanced with pigmented resins, LEDs, films, decoupage, wax, and inks which are built upon on canvas, board, paper, mesh, clay, and fabric structures.  Mediums are welded, flowed, brushed, dripped, spread, flung, heated, cooled, burnt, soldered, and spun until they coalesce.


A new chapter of my work began in 2017 while attending the University of North Texas in pursuit of a sculpture degree.  An increasing amount of this new work will be freestanding, further liberated from the two-dimensional color plane.



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