Phil Samson Studio
Phil Samson Studio

Artist Statement

Contemporary themes related to society’s complications and the unintended consequences of perfection pursuits infuse my work.  This work could be categorized as New Realism: abstractly representational and created to provoke a conversation, or at least thoughtful introspection.  Materials used cover a wide spectrum of hand and digitally manipulated traditional mediums and found objects.  As long as the materials safety data sheets don’t list catastrophic consequences from experimental combinations and uncommon processes, anything is fair game to be used.


The processes I use are meditatively iterative and often unconventionally commingled, but don’t look to deeply into my creative kitchen as you’ll likely find the trappings of a freeform alchemist.  I don’t take notes or create recipes as its hard to codify and quantify the influence of inspiration and serendipity.  Any sketchbook drawings are merely broad attempts at mapping a path whose final destination can’t be determined.


It is the end result that that is important which creates the aesthetic that hopefully poses the question I want the viewers to contemplate.  While titles can provide a hint of the work’s meaning, unintended meanings are also perfectly acceptable.

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