Phil Samson Studio
Phil Samson Studio

Artist Statement

My sculptures represent a combination of abstractions of the utopian pursuit of perfection, and science’s quest to heal our planet.


I interact with UNT‘s genetic engineering scientists as they seek to make plants more resilient, useful and bountiful.


Using their research, processes, and results for inspiration, I manipulate, massage, and mix contemporary mediums (e.g., acrylic plastic, resin) with traditional sculpture, fiber and painting mediums.


My sculptures have translucent elements that interact with light from the visible, and sometimes Ultraviolet spectrums.  It is this same ultraviolet spectrum at the microscopic level that scientists use to observe their research’s progress.


These sculptures illuminate science’s fingerprints deep inside nature.  A nature that has been significantly degraded and now need science to help save. 


It is normal to be anxious about science rapidly advancing into uncharted territory.  It is also normal to be concerned that science is not advancing fast enough.


However, to paraphrase Matt Damon’s character in the film The Martian when he was confronted by a dire survival situation, “we are going to have to science the shit out of this”.

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