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Sculptures 2019 - 2021




















Lysis 1, Lysis 2




Acrylic Plastic, plywood, aluminum rivets


installation 65 h x 31 w x 7 d, inches


First two of the series




























clockwise from left


Upcycle 4 (2021)

Plywood, Acrylic Plastic
48 x 11.5 x 23, inches


Upcycle 3 (2021)

Plywood, Acrylic Plastic, Latex Paint

57 x 7.25 x 5, inches


Upcycle 1 (2021)

Plywood, Acrylic Plastic, Latex Paint

13 x 4.5 x 4.75, inches


Upcycle 2 (2021)

Plywood, Acrylic Plastic, Latex Paint

23 x 6.5 x 7.25, inches


First four of the series

clockwise from left


Fig. 2 (2021)

Acrylic Plastic, Latex Paint

22 h x 22 w x 3 d, inches


Fig. 3 (2021)

Acrylic Plastic, Latex Paint

22 h x 22 w x11 d, inches


Fig. 4 (2021)

Acrylic Plastic, Latex Paint

22 h x 22 w x 10 d, inches


Fig. 1 (2021)

Acrylic Plastic, Latex Paint

22 h x 22 w x 1.5 d, inches


First four of the series

Fig T01



Acrylic Plastic, Latex Paint

16 h x 22 w x 5 d, inches


(study for a future series of 'Fig n' wall sculptures)






Tree trunk and roots, acrylic plastic, latex paint, steel

61 h x 13 w x 12 d, inches






Acrylic Plastic, Wood,  Acrylic Paint, Metal Zipper Slide

34 h x 11.5 w x 9 d, inches



Fabric of Life



Acrylic Plastic, Wood Panel, Resin

27 h x 39 w x 3.5 d, inches



Knockout Target



Steel, Acrylic Plastic, Fabric, Filament

88 h x 10 w x 4 d, inches







Steel, Acrylic Plastic, Fiber, Resin

60 h x 14 w x 23 d, inches


In the Flow




Acrylic Plastic


27 high x 14 diameter, inches

Miracle Grow




Acrylic Plastic, Metal Rack, LED UV Lights, Plastic Trays, Plant Containers


72h x 48w x 18d, inches





Acrylic Plastic, Poplar, Charred Wooden Spheres, Fluorescent Wood Stain, Steel


70h x 12.5w x 12.5 d, inches





Nylon tube, acrylic plastic, zip ties


14h x 10 diameter, inches





Synthetic yarn, cotton coil, acrylic plastic.

12h x 9w x 9d, inches





Acrylic Plastic


9h x 11w x 5.5d, inches







Acrylic Plastic


11h x 14w x 10d, inches

Going to have to science the shit out of this




Segmented tree, acrylic plastic, plastic tube, synthetic twine, Miracle-Gro® soil, steel measuring rod, tape, acrylic paint

96h x 84w x 30d, inches

GMO non OMG 4 (oops)


Steel, Acrylic Plastic, Acrylic Paint

28h x 32w x 4d, inches

GMO non OMG 3 (eYGFPuv)


Steel, Acrylic Plastic

62h x 19w x 11d, inches

GMO non OMG 2 (bean)


Steel, Acrylic Plastic, Mylar Thermal Blanket

43h x 20w x 24d, inches


Exhibition: 2021 Materials Hard+Soft, Dallas, Tx

GMO non OMG 1 (zmm28)


Steel, Aluminum Screen, Acrylic Paint

20h x 12.5w x 13d in.

Ribbon Stance


Acrylic Plastic, Thread

12.5h x 9w x 6.5d in.

Flow No. 7


Acrylic Plastic

29h x 10.5w x 7d in.



Acrylic Plastic, Resin, Fiber

19.5h x 9.25w x 6d in.


Right Brain (2020)

6h x 10w x 8d in.

Left Brain (2020)

6h x 11w x 8.5d in.

Acrylic Plastic


Left/Right Brain (2020)

23h x 12w x 10d inches
Acrylic Plastic, Fiber Floss


Brace For Impact (2020)

22h x 8d x 11w inches
Acrylic Plastic, Circular Saw Blade, Fiber Floss, Tinted Resin

Invasive 2 (2020)

29h x 14w x 8d inches

Acrylic Plastic, Tinted Resin


Grip (2020)

Hammer, Wrenches, Acrylic Plastic

Same As It Ever Was




Laser-etched and cut Acrylic Plastic


23h x 5.5w x 15d, inches


Atlas Revisited (2020)

12h x 15w x 10d inches
Acrylic Plastic


Trapped (2020)

4h x 14w x 3d inches
Animal Trap, Acrylic Plastic


Motion Sickness


37”H x 10"W x 10”D
Acrylic Plastic, VR Headset


Digital Detox


18”H x 6"W x 6”D
Acrylic Sheet, Mobile Phone, Syringe, Resin, Printed Transparency

Not Coping in a Beautiful World



45” x 15” x 15”
Enamel painted sheet steel, grapevine, .30 carbine shell casings, syringes, vinyl letters, shoelaces
Exhibition: 2021 - Art 214 (Dallas, Tx)

Not Coping in a Beautiful World


Not Coping in a Beautiful World


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